Buoy Number 2- Tawas Bay, Michigan

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Buoy Number 2Click to visit the Tawas Bay Webcam and Weather StationBuoy Number 2, located at Latitude 44° 14' 30" North and Longitude 83° 28' 20" West, marks the entrance to Tawas Bay on Lake Huron.

Buoy Number 2 is generally deployed by the U.S. Coast Guard in April and recovered in the first week of December. The buoy has a flashing red light with a 4 second period.

This website contains information about the U.S. Coast Guard Station Tawas, the Tawas Point Lighthouse, Tawas area weather, Buoy 2 photos and some photos of Tall Ships that visited Tawas Bay.

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Tawas Bay, Michigan